Amazing animal loyalty

Recently my son told me about a story about a dog who slept on its owner’s grave every single night. Apparently it went there at the same time the owner had fed it dinner each night and then stayed there until morning.

My loyal dog Boss never strays far from me. Here she is playing with a Pet Accessories Ring ‘n’ Rope toy.

I told my son, “You haven’t seen Red Dog yet. You’ve got to watch it as it’s based on a true story.” He’s yet to do so. When he does he’ll love this fabulous Australian movie.

Today I read about a dog in Russia who wouldn’t leave its dead mate. Click the link below:

My dear dad told me about his own dog once. It was a Bitsa but mostly Foxie. It used to go everywhere with Dad, who lived in inner Sydney at the time. One particular day dad walked from Glebe and took a train to about three suburbs away, then another to a different suburb. It wouldn’t be an easy trip for most adults to figure out. Somehow when Dad went to leave his mates place at the other end of Sydney the dog was nowhere to be found. He had to get back to Glebe and his friends assured him when it turned up they would bring it back or let him know.

Dad was heartbroken to have lost his little mate. Months later the friends hadn’t seen him and Dad had to sadly accept that he was gone.

Then out of nowhere the dog appeared at the terrace house in Glebe wagging his tail excitedly as it greeted Dad who was bewildered. Dad asked around and from neighbours and friends learned that his dog had walked and caught trains to get home, sniffing all the way as if trying to pick up Dad’s scent. How it figured out which train to catch and what direction to take Dad would never know. It didn’t seem to matter how long it took Dad’s dog was determined to get home to him. His paw pads were raw by the time he arrived but of course he recieved plenty of TLC from Dad and the family.

The loyalty of dogs is amazing isn’t it!

Mahlie and Boss love sleeping side by side and would be lost without each other.


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